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  Ride Profile - tifreak - 1751 views
Ride Info
User: tifreak

Make: BMW

Model: 318ti

Year: 1995

Color: Cordobarot Metallic

Primary Uses:
summer daily driver

4552079585_8a737dbd3c_o.png 100_0778.jpg 100_0828.jpg
100_0831.jpg 100_0817.jpg img_0546.jpg
4552185969_462ebe7ab8_o.png 0410001732.jpg 100_1002.jpg
100_1007.jpg 100_1023.jpg 0620011620.jpg
0629011735.jpg 0629011736a.jpg 100_1047.jpg
100_1089.jpg 100_1138.jpg 100_1133.jpg
100_1141.jpg 100_1216.jpg  

-1.8L M42 inline 4
Dinan cold air intake
Strömung cat-back exhaust
Midnight Tuning chip

H&R race springs
Bilstein sport shocks
Bimmerworld rear shock mounts
Mason Engineering front strut tower bar
Axxis ULT brake pads
factory limited slip diff
225/40R18 Toyo Extensa HP

DDM Tuning M3 style front bumper and sideskirts
OEM BMW M-tech rear bumper
18" VSR Ronan rims
Carbon8 carbon fiber hood
carbon fiber AC Schnitzer style mirrors
Rieger roof spoiler
velocity splitters
euro plate
smoked corners and sidemarkers
Depo LED taillights
Kamei eyelids
carbon fiber roundels
Vitesse Tuning carbon fiber B-pillar covers
3M Di-Noc wrapped rear diffuser
black grills
M-tech door moldings
5% tint in the back and across windshield

M3 vader front seats
Momo Race shift knob
AC Schnitzer e-brake handle
AC Schnitzer pedal covers
Crown Royal shift boot
Bavauto custom embroidered floormats
DDM Tuning brushed finish gauge rings
red Sharpie mod on gauge needles

JVC CD player
2 12" RE Audio subs
500W Kenwood amp
factory 10 speaker premium sound

somewhat rare color, it was only offered for one year on the 318ti

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newton: nice bimmer, check my bimmer out.peace.

VT_Getta: you guys from Georgia sure love your street glow products!! hehe. Nice beemerrrr! Tails look like the could use a fresh coat of tint. Next time you do them, let them cure for a day (in the heat of course) and then put some wax on them. I did that and I am very happy with the way mine came out. They still haven't faded on me. I did the swap because I like the more aerodynamic look the gti front end has. I am one of the dealers for BigBob so I sell some of the stickers. I have to get around to getting more made though.

M42Jordan: YEAH! M42 Power! Ti's are sweet! You should get a suspension setup on there, then you'll really find out how fun your car is! Later!

black phantom01: Thats a sick beemer! What are you going to do to it now?

black phantom01: It doesnt look all that bad right now. It looks bad ass when my rims are on it. Are those 17 inch rims on yours? You should invest in a whole body kit for it. That would be sweet!!!!

black phantom01: Sorry i answered my own question! They are only 16"? You should 18"! Mine cost just under $1000

black phantom01: Arent you friends with Chad? You are the one that has the longish hair and wears black all the time right? I hope to be putting some "stock" pics of my car in the next few days i hope. It makes it hard with this snow now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

black phantom01: How much money do you think you have into it right now?

black phantom01: $1800 for that beemer! That was a good deal i have to say. Was there anything wrong with when you got it?

black phantom01: I think the purple isnt all that bad. It looks sweet with all the things on it. Do you store it in the winter?

black phantom01: The only thing tjhat turns me off is the rear wiper. If that wasnt there it would be more sleek looking

black phantom01: Hey are you in any clubs?

black phantom01: is that in Georgia?

Turner01: Cars looking sweet. You should get an exhaust system for it. That would be sick. Check out my ride. Peace.

Turner01: Thanks. The push button start was actually on the car when i bought it. But i found the same one on ebay for like 30 bucks.

97EclipseRS: where do you work as a mechanic?

magicaljake: nice car...i love the e36 so much my mother has a 328i...its pretty fast

newton: hey, ive been looking for some m3 rims, so i might be willing to trade, ive just got too figure out if i need the money or the rims more, let me think about it alittle longer. Im asking $500 for all, there $750 a peace without tires new. and they have two good parellis, and the back ones are bald.

newton: the tires are 235/40/18, and i have no idea how to get the offset.

newton: defiantly a better choice then my rims, im still stuck with them for now, but will be buying brand new 18" rims soon.

newton: i found out the offset on my shitty-rims are 45, and the ones im buying are 38, so i dont fully understand offfsets, but that means it sticks out less, right?

turboLGT3: no i checked the legal limit on my headlights and there legal and ive never had a cop stop me for them

magicaljake: you know...i really like your car...despite the fact you still have the 4 cylnder in it... when you putting the m3 engine in?

magicaljake: yeah...thats more realistic, my parents had a 328...that engine had some snort... and ill imagine its teh same way

newton: hows that 4-banger 1.8 treat ya? cause i might be picking up a 318i soon.

newton: i didnt end up getting that 318i, cause my email was fuckin up- it sucks. but i might be gettin a lifted jeep instead.

newton: yeah, it made it look way better, i just went to the georgia auto and grabbed a few can of spray paint that matched the best and sanded and and painted them one day. its a little different color but you dont really notice unless you really look.

Dunebuggy99: why do you have civic motor?

Dunebuggy99: haha oo sorry bout that man

Turner01: DAAAAAMMMNNN! Is that rust custom? haha I bet its still a beast in the snow.

Turner01: Hahaha yeah. i've had people who were like wow, a subaru hood fits on a focus?

JG: Yeah the tach just sits where u set it for till u start it.

Dunebuggy98: haha thats funny those fake nos bottles

Dunebuggy98: haha have you fooled anybody?

Dunebuggy99: hahaha well i you will soon or later

magicaljake: cool outback......jump it!! and get a video...i want to see

ruckusracer: nice winter beater, lol. Hows it going? I havent been on 802crew for awhile been really busy with work.

magicaljake: no no dude...its me :) a small one out of snow... :)

ruckusracer: fun fun, same here. Ive been working none stop and dont have alot of time to work on the car. I just recently finished putting my bodykit on along with my full exhaust, hondata ecu, skunk2 coilovers and a new steering wheel. Right now the car is in the shop getting tranny work done.

ruckusracer: sweet deal, I need to get a new cold air intake for my car. Mine is getting ugly and old and kinda boring.

magicaljake: haha...yup

1bigtracker: Hows that AIC controller working for you? Had one, but it just kept telling me "danger in manifold"? Speaking of, have you checked the welds on your intake recently. They are prone to fail under extreme conditions.

hottrod656: Haha! U got bad luck if u got the gay edition!

Riggy: That outback is pretty gay haha. Did you take a torch to the rust on your quarters? lol

hottrod656: lol! i dont have nos 'tanks' like u!

hottrod656: hey, do u know nick bergstrom?

metuo18t: I did it myself

Mullen: Hey, saw your BMW today in St. Albans. Looks really good man. I love the 4chan humor stickers too!!

hottrod656: Do u work at the gas station by beverage mart in st Albans? I've seen the newer bimmer there alot

hottrod656: Its a really nice looking car, i used to have a '92 325i and that thing hauled ass

hottrod656: yeah, i know what you mean, 4 clyinders suck

CANADIAN INTEGRA: I like the new ride you have, like I said BMW have always been one of my favorite rides, even the old school's. Keep up the excellent work man. Take it easy.

CANADIAN INTEGRA: Yeah, I actually had plans to lower it, but ran out of funds, I have the stuff, just have to find the time to do it. Not to worry though, I am far from done, trust me. Thanks for the comment, take it easy.

hottrod656: whats with the carebear?

hottrod656: LOL nice

hottrod656: you dont know who i would ask to use the hannafords parking lot would you? im trying to get a show put together and thats the perfect place

hottrod656: thats what i thought. Maybe even get Yipes to help out

magicaljake: is this your same engine thats in teh ti?

CANADIAN INTEGRA: Hey hows things going? Too bad you couldn't line up that air filter directly with the light you took out, and two questions, how do you have a carbon fiber hood on your ride, and not have to use hood pins? and who makes your CF hood? Thanks again, and take it easy.

newton: im looking for a e36 m3 like 97'-98' or a e46 330i around an 02'

newton: no not really man, they kinda make the car, and theyll help me sell it a lot faster.

Dunebuggy98: cool beemer man. where do you race at? check my benz out

Dunebuggy98: sounds intense haha

OTK_Master: YO! Yea I remember now, how ya been been?

OTK_Master: Trust me it gets old fast. I've got a problem dude. :P

newton: hey, do you have the stock hood off your 318 still, cause i need a hood for my 328

newton: i bought a 97' 328is and the hoods smashed up on the ends like somone dropped it, so im just gonna get a new hood | October 28, 2016 | About Us