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  Ride Profile - subychick88 - 1928 views
Ride Info
User: subychick88

Make: Subaru

Model: 2.5 RSTi

Year: 1999

Color: World Rally Blue

Primary Uses:
project/summer car
280whp & 307 ft/lbs at 18psi
Dynoed at EFI Logics!

Horsepower: 350

Torque: 384

Weight: ~2,900 lbs

ET (1/4 mile): 14.203

Trap Speed: 100.73 mph

dsc_0012.jpg wrecked_sti.jpg img_0578.jpg
img_0609.jpg img_0606.jpg img_0981.jpg
img_0986.jpg img_2040.jpg rsti_dyno_sheet_11709.jpg
26670_623052480740_6913934_36924724_2111824_n.jpg 171457_664461521690_6913934_38209106_5380974_o.jpg 204793_723653630230_6913934_38659467_6423771_o.jpg

2004 STi
- Engine
- Tranny
- Drivetrain
- Suspension

- Gold STi Brembo brakes
- Rotora cross drilled and slotted rotors & ceramic pads
- GFB bov
- AEM Cold Air Intake
- 3 inch Invidia catless downpipe
- 3 inch Borla XR-1 catback exhaust
- NGK Iridium plugs
- Cobb Access Port V2
- Perrin battery tie down
- Perrin oil cap

- STi struts & STi springs (front)
- KYB-GR2 struts & Eibach springs (rear)
- STi front and rear ends

- Gold Rota Tarmac II rims
- Scoobies For Boobies pink Rally Armor mud flaps
- JDM STi tail lights
- Cleared turn signals and side markers
- Rear 3 windows tinted by Charlie Doe
- Chrome JDM STi gas cap
- Pink "I" Badge
- Custom Mounted STi Badge in Grill

- rear seats
- carpeting and floor mats
- dash
- gauges
- console
- pedals
- steering wheel
- shift knob
- e-brake

- JDM STi v7 front seats
- Corbeau 3 point racing harnesses
- JDM pink STi pedals

- 1 12" Kicker CVR and 600watt Kicker amp in a GForce box
- 2 Kenwood speakers (front)
- Alpine IVA-W205 pulse touch in dash cd/dvd head unit

Current Winter Car:
2005 Subaru Legacy GT Ruby Red

Previous Winter Car:
2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS Aspen White

Donor Car (salvaged):
2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STi Aspen White

Old Winter car:
1996 Subaru Impreza 2.2 L Acadia Green

First Car:
2002 Mercury Cougar 35th Anniversary Edition Black

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05XD2: NICE subie Mel.. love that interior too!

LANDER: i would've stuck with the cougar...

NocturnalRacer: you got some CVRs now huh? how do you like them? what amp did you go with? I'm still deciding what kicker setup to go with myself since I get a good vendor accomo on them, probably doing a single L7 or CVX

ppe: nice car ive seen it should turbo it.

ppe: ahahaha.thats funny that will be sweet after the swap

LANDER: have you found someone to do it?

LANDER: yea i met him briefly a couple monthes ago. i asked him if he found any rs shells to give me a call.

boosted96: I saw your car at Joey's Shop the other day. That thing looked sweet, is it on the road?

97_rs: well here are the pics of my car there not the best but ya.

97_rs: haha.ya its sweet though

vt6spd: WOW! You have a code reader! Holly shit. I need to know what the hell is up with my subi and my celica. Both have check engine lights on. The subi, Im just curious about, thats been on for the whole year that I have owned it. THe celica, I am sure its the MAF sensor. I have a replacement one on it. But, Id still like to hook it up! whens the next meet. If you bring it with you on the Ap Gap run, Ill bet you could hook it to all kinds of rides...heck make a buxk or an OBDII tech day or something! Sweet.

vt6spd: I have cleaned the sensor already a couple of times. I do not have a K&N filter. I couldnt see paying 60 dollars for somehting I can get from Autozone for 20. I understand all the technology- I do have a short air intake, and I have not yet put in the new MAF sensor. How long does it take to hook up a computer and reset the code? We could do it at the meet, thats not a problem. I barely drive the celica now anyway. I am working on getting tread for it and getting it inspected by the end of April. But, the engine light has to go away! Grrrr.

vt6spd: I have never oiled an air filter....hmmmm

GreenHead: I miss the Cavi too!!! Like bad... debating saving and buying another one >_< So ready to just be done with the 'Christmas car' ^-^ Just want the body done and have it be reliable while i save for who knows what!

vtbimmer: Good job. So nice to see all the love put into the RS. Cant wait to see it in person.

vt6spd: Melanie! Can you hook up your diagnostic thing to an 84 BMW and a 91 Subaru? I have flashing on the Beamer and the check engine has been on in the subi since I owned it? Are you free any time next week? You may have to drive to get to the Beamer...Oh yeah, I can bring the Celica up sometime and have that done too. I am ready for a new MAF sensor, but I need to know what the code is so I can fix it! thanks, vt6spd

vt6spd: I will be in the area on tuesday, hopfully selling rims and tires up in colchester. Where will you be Tuesday night? I want to get my car ready before the meet, so get the MAF in, reset the ECU and new tread!

vt6spd: Hey Mel, I got word my neighbor has OBDII reader. Im stopping in at his place int the morning to have it read! Ill let you know what the code was! I cant wait. Thank you for offering your time. I should be able to install my MAF sensor tomorrow after I get it read. this will make me more ready for the drive on the 20th! I cant freakin wait! Does AUtozone have an OBDI reader? I think you mentioned this...

NocturnalRacer: hey punk, how come I don't ever see you out with that thing now that it has the new motor? We've been meeting up a few times downtown, you should come out.

*BLCK_MRKT*: what the fuck! hahaha You work at IBM and saw me with my badge on @ autozone tonight and didnt say anything?

deftonez: do you work at IBM by chance? your car looks really familiar.

deftonez: ahh yeah I thought so lol. Yeah I'm on N2. Ive also been a sucker for subbies I nearly got a WRX awhile back myself. I cant take credit for the ride as I just got it a month or so ago and it was already like that but I plan on doing some of my own stuff to it soon as I can but thanks for the compliments =) your ride is pretty sick too, Ive always loved the rally look of older subbies, they're pretty badass.

deftonez: The nissan place on Shelburn road

4gclipseGT: Lets see some engine pics :P

LANDER: lets see that shit on a dyno

Blitz2: Subtle, clean car, I like it. Nice work.

Blitz2: Na, never been to any of the meets. This is actually my 4th MR2, 3rd mk2, I have an mk1 in storage. Right now the MR2 is @ the shop, we're trying to figure out the boosting problem, I swapped in a my 91 motor from the red car I wrecked, into this 93 chassis (it had a blown race motor when I bought it), so I had to re-pin the engine harness along with god knows how many other plugs and wires Toyota changed in a matter of 2 years (in 93 they revised the rear suspension to make it less twitchy). So while I wait to get that sorted out I'm either on my bike or in my LGT. The only person I know that goes to the meets is a 20~ish old guy with a dark green celica and a tall blonde gf (can't remember his name right now, he goes to the MR2 meets in RI sometimes). So maybe I'll hit up one of the meets, or when I set up a cruise w/ some of the scooby and MR2 guys I'll letcha know. as far as an '00 integra, black w/ red flake (like one of the factory BMW colors), with flat black rims and a red lip would look pretty sexy, but only if it's speed matched its dB rating, or exceeded it; god I love sleepers.

Blitz2: check out all my pictures :) '07 Black LGT, '97 YZF1000 "Thunderace" I already graduated from UNH, so tution saving won't happen for me for another year or 2, when I can save for ASU. The bike is pretty cool, they only brought it into the states for 1 year, then in 98 they brought in the R1... spec wise, mine's almost as quick (as the R1), stops faster, and way more comfortable. I also have some pretty cool pictures on my photobucket, or I'll upload a better on tonight when I get home.

Bean: I'm actually going to pick up a Legacy tomorrow that I found on Craigslist and put a deposit down on last week. Thanks for letting me know about the Impreza, though.

Blitz2: I got an Architectural and Construction Management degree from UNH. Arizona State is where I want to go for a Mechanical Engineering degree. I've been wanting to smoke my taillights and mirror blinkers for a while, just haven't found the time or spare parts, that way I can goof and not worry about it. I'm gonna make an axle-back straight pipe for it when I get my stainless order in, so I can have a nice burble but still appear stock. I did it on my old wrx and it was quieter than my Blitz nur spec. I would like to drop it an inch and throw on some 18" bronze Volks, like the ones I have for the MR2, but I go to Boston a lot so I'd like to maintain some comfort in at least one of my cars :)

Blitz2: yeah, I have a sn, but not online during work (but I am if I'm home for lunch). MR2man99. oh, I posted a pic of me and my bike.

Blitz2: As for ASU, it's always warm, although I'd miss driving sideways 6months out of the year, and there's 40,000 students. I love being around people.

Blitz2: it was the red... so whether it's 107, 108, or 109 I'm not sure, I've heard 3 different things. it went really well, bike pulls cleaner and backfires less. it also managed a 2nd gear power wheelie getting onto the highway last night like 9ish, so that was a bit of a surprise as well as fun.

97_rs: hey do u know where i an get some vtrides stickers for the mitsu??

97_rs: i almost forgot how good your blue car sounded until you drove by me.haha

Mr-no-pants: nice car girl:-)

bbjtheman: nice ride. i almost got ahold of a 2000 supercharged cougar out of boston.. would have been a very nice ride.. alas the damn loan people didnt like me

bbjtheman: i didnt have the eclipse at the time.. i had a 95 cavalier pos.. lol.. and the add for the cougar was printed up wrong. it said 3k for the car. it was in boston. i called on it and the guy said it was supposed to be 5k but because it was a trade in he would take the 3k for it. fully loaded leather interior and everything.. something like 87k miles on it.. i wish i got it. as for the eclipse i think i may need a water pump.. not really sure.

newton: shit, you know your stuff!

newton: im drivning a crappy 98 contour for winter, but in the summer ive got a 92 bmw 325is.

newton: how did you get so many views so fast?

newton: oh yeah? i wish people would love me

boostedaddictions15: i need to get a camara and you'll get them, i'll try and find some

boostedaddictions15: hey i put those engine pics up that you asked for. -boostedaddictions15

boostedaddictions15: jeez, lol i wasnt expecting a response that quick. lol doing it now, check back in five

boostedaddictions15: there you go. enjoy

vtboost: just stop'n by to say hello, its Justin (RCKSTR) from NES forum. can't wait for spring time!!!

magicaljake: yeah...i passed you today in pearl street in essex.. but you were

newton: are the stats on that right? i just thought it would be faster with the sti swap.

newton: how much did it cost you to do an sti swap?

Frost: Hey :) What are you on more often, VTr or Facebook?

Frost: Oh arite gotcha. Was curious.. when you did the swap from the STI how much of the work were you able to do yourself, and how much a shop did. How much did it cost you to do the swap excluding the price of the wrecked donor? Considering doing a swap myself at some point if the price is in a realistic range for me. Would hopefully like to do most of the labor myself, just curious how much of the know how you had, before you went ahead and did everything.

GC4-RS: sup yo's

666: I never realized you swapped the dash from an STi into the RS...holy hell.

CANADIAN MUSTANG: Hey congrats on everything you have done so far, car is looking awesomely sweet like I remember, very impressive power too. I will be up there in power eventually, just going to take time and money. Check out my ride when you get a minute, and let me know what you think. Take it easy

CANADIAN INTEGRA: LOL sorry about that, I have 2 cars on here and lost track, well when you get a second, check them out. take it easy

Vdub: nice 99 suby i think ive seen u around burlington a few weeks back

Vdub: you will have to catch me first :P ha, we where beside eachother by the uvm campus and i got wicked mad with travel and sqacked my tires , u must remeber u looked ha wicked loud all black vw golf with the number 12 on the window?

Vdub: yuh there is but with gold rims and the hood and all and the sound i have not came across yet pretty sure it was u maybe not lol

Clean&simple: What's up Mel, I know Joe did well @ the team crompton meet in NH but how did you do? Your toy is soo nice, puts some very good numbers down too huh! Later!!

subychick88: I got 2nd place in the Subaru class, and got BEST FEMALE RIDE of the whole show! :)

Clean&simple: That's what's up! Congratts, VT took over huh? I wish I could have gone but I had plans to go apple picking with my wife&kids so I missed out but there is always next year, my new SI is alot of fun anyways ttyl!

Vdub: long time no talk girl hows that 35 hp rs doing ?

802 wRSx: Hey, love to see another local swap. I live in cambridge and drive through Jericho almost every day, i would love to come meet you and take a look at the subie some time. Griffin

bbron12: looks just like my car! only alot nicer.... lol

tunerkid23: the rs looks incredible! i just got one myself, bone stock :) hoping to start doin some work on it this summer | October 24, 2016 | About Us